water leak detection

Leak detection – In most countries water is a scarce and valuable resource that requires expensive treatment and purification. Water loss comes at a significant cost both in terms of money for the water companies and shortages for society and commercial interests.

Aquademica was founded in 2005 and is the Swedish market leader in the area of leak detection. We have the resources and the know-how to carry out large investigations both on a local and international basis. Energy companies, counties, construction companies, housing cooperatives and building service companies are among the customers that utilize Aquademica’s comprehensive leak detection solutions. Our consultants are proficient in detecting leaks in several areas such as district heating systems, water pipes and roofs, and detect the source of the leakage without damaging the surrounding material.

We are truly leak detection professionals and our consulting engineers investigate the source of the leakage regardless of what and where it leaks. Having information about the source of the leak offers our customers the information they need to take proper action and repair the leak.

Aquademica offers:

• Localization of leakages in all pressurized pipes such, as district heating systems.
• Thermographical investigations for water and energy leakage in district heating systems.
• Sound ranging and electro-acoustic water leak detection of feed pipes to identify cold water leaks.
• Project based leak detection and risk analysis for commercial industries and power plants.

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